Mortonia utahensis (Coville ex A. Gray) A. Nels. (redirected from: Mortonia scabrella var. utahensis)
Source: VPA vol. 30
Family: Celastraceae
Utah mortonia,  more...
[Mortonia scabrella var. utahensis Coville ex A. Gray]
Mortonia utahensis image
Gregory Gust  
LEAVES: mostly 9-15 mm long but sometimes shorter, 6-9 mm wide. FLOWERS: calyx lobes (1-)2(-3) mm long; petals (1-)2-3 mm long. NOTES: See the parent taxon for further description. Rocky places in the desert, on limestone or less often on calcareous sandstone: Coconino, Mohave cos.; 550-750 m (1800-2400 ft); Mar-Jun; se CA, s NV, and sw UT. REFERENCES: Brasher, Jeffrey W. 1998. Celastraceae J. Ariz. - Nev. Acad. Sci. 30(2): 57.